See how Rapid Mile Trucking worked to solve issues for our customers.

Burton Cox

After multiple trucking companies tried and failed to live up to our customer's they fell short. We gave
Rapid Mile Trucking an opportunity and have used them ever since. They handle their business the way
things are supposed to be done.

Burton Cox
Apple Logistics

Anthony Maxwell – XPO Logistics

When a customer had both high expectations and stringent requirements for short notice deliveries, it
was up to Rapid Mile Trucking to make the difference.

Anthony Maxwell
XPO Logistics

Paul Johnson

I’ve been using them for 2 years now and haven’t been disappointed with how they have handled our
loads. I see us using them for the foreseeable future.

Paul Johnson

What our employees are saying

You aren't just a number you are part of a team. People are helpful when you have a problem.
Peter Clare
Driver (GA)
The relationship I have with the dispatchers and the ability to come to the office or shop and talk to anyone about most anything.
Brandon Stevenson
Driver (GA)
The trust and freedom to do my deliveries and tasks safely and legally. Friendliness and respect shown to all.
Hector Sanchez
Driver (GA)
I really enjoy being a driver for Rapid. I believe the Rapid managers are doing a great job in communicating to the drivers and helping me as a driver with the deliveries if there is a problem. Also, the other manager (Darnecia) and dispatch at other terminals have been helpful when I have needed their help too.
Oscar Martinez
Driver (GA)
Well maintained trucks, good boss’s and dispatchers.
Percy Nelson
Driver (GA)
Great Trucking Company to work for. Great dispatch team. Zero politics. Do your best and don't complain. They will bend over backwards for the driver. I drove for them for 2 years, and if I ever must go back to trucking, Rapid Mile Trucking is the place. Delivering windows is a great segment to work for. Lumber companies and construction companies treat drivers with respect. I used to work for the big trucking companies in Georgia. I did a lot of deliveries to the grocery warehouses and big corporations. No respect for drivers there. And don't worry about unloading windows. It is good exercise, and you get used to it quickly (I really hated restacking pallets of spaghetti sauce). The Mechanics Team at Rapid Mile is tops. I don't ever think I had a preventable breakdown. They are great at replacing tires, alternators, water pumps on a schedule. When I did have a breakdown, they got me into the next truck stop, or got me the tow or tire truck, right away. If you have two years of safe driving experience, join Rapid. If you think this is a puff piece done by the driver recruiter, it is not.  I am currently on disability or else I would still be a part of the team. This is the truth.
Henry Thomas
Driver (GA)
I can’t say enough great things about this company and drivers. I work around them every day. At the Atlanta office Eric and the crew are awesome.
Jocelyn Lawrence
Former Dispatcher